Beautiful Love

Basic Info

Composer Victor Young, Wayne King & Egbert Van Alstyne
Lyricist Haven Gillespie
Form A-B-A-C (A-B-A-B’)
Style Swing


Analyze Sheet

Beautiful Love Analyze Sheet

Beautiful Love Analysis Sheet

  • Basically, 1 tonality, the main tonal is consisted of a minor and the relative major, and some secondary dominants.
  • In the 6th and 7th bar of B, IV7 -> II7 (or IIm7(b5)) is a kind of deceptive cadence. By considering that IV7 is V of VIIb, II7 seems to be III7 of VIIb, then the root motion look like a deceptive cadence of the basic V -> III.


  • The original was written in 3/4, and the last note is minor 3rd. from The New Real Book I


  • The original recording published in 1931. Performed by the Jay Wilbur Orchestra. from YouTube

Sample Record

Album Personnel Note
Explorations (1961) Bill Evans(pf), Scott LaFaro(b), Paul Motian(dr) A remarkable record
Plays Standards (2008) Steve Kuhn(pf), Buster Williams(b), Al Foster(dr) Play in 3/4.