Beautiful Love

Basic Info

ComposerVictor Young, Wayne King & Egbert Van Alstyne
LyricistHaven Gillespie
FormA-B-A-C (A-B-A-B’)


Analyze Sheet

Beautiful Love Analyze Sheet

Beautiful Love Analysis Sheet

  • Basically, 1 tonality, the main tonal is consisted of a minor and the relative major, and some secondary dominants.
  • In the 6th and 7th bar of B, IV7 -> II7 (or IIm7(b5)) is a kind of deceptive cadence. By considering that IV7 is V of VIIb, II7 seems to be III7 of VIIb, then the root motion look like a deceptive cadence of the basic V -> III.


  • The original was written in 3/4, and the last note is minor 3rd. from The New Real Book I


  • The original recording published in 1931. Performed by the Jay Wilbur Orchestra. from YouTube

Sample Record

Explorations (1961)Bill Evans(pf), Scott LaFaro(b), Paul Motian(dr)A remarkable record
Plays Standards (2008)Steve Kuhn(pf), Buster Williams(b), Al Foster(dr)Play in 3/4.