Bye Bye Blackbird

Basic Info

ComposerRay Henderson
LyricistMort Dixon
StyleMedium Swing


Analyze Sheet

Bye Bye Blackbird analysys sheet

Bye Bye Blackbird Analysis Sheet

  • The first 4 bars in C section are sometimes series of tritone sub which resolve to IIm7.
  • IIIm7(b5) in C section and A' section is Vm7 originally from


  • Originally performed as a slow blues number. from ROBOKOPP
  • Used the phrase “Bye Bye Blackbirds.”. from ROBOKOPP


  • The first record by Gene Austin in 1926. from YouTube

Sample Record

'Round About Midnight (1957)Miles Davis(tp), John Coltrane(ts), Red Garland(pf), Paul Chambers(b), Philly Joe Jones(dr)One of the most famous recording
At Newport 1958 (1958)Miles Davis(tp), Julian "Cannonball" Adderley(as), John Coltrane(ts), Bill Evans(pf), Paul Chambers(b), Jimmy Cobb(dr)One of the most famous recording
Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (1959)Ben Webster(ts), Oscar Peterson(pf), Ray Brown(b), Ed Thigpen(dr)Great bass intro.
In Person At The Blackhawk (1961)Miles Davis(tp), Hank Mobley(ts), Wynton Kelly(pf), Paul Chambers(b), Jimmy Cobb(dr)Great piano intro.
Super Bass Live Edition (1997)Ray Brown, Christian McBride(b)Bass duet.
Moody 4A (2008)
James Moody(ts), Kenny Barron(pf), Todd Coolman(b), Lewis Nash(dr)In 3/4.