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This site is consist on my private note based on my private experience and guess, you can use information on this site as reference.
He has no responsibility about your usage of the information of this cite.
He highly recommend to ,at first, search, think and guess by yourself.
Also welcome any correction and critics.
Before starting using this site, Please read following pages.

About The Author

He is a bassist who mainly play jazz in NY. He studied music theory, especially jazz theory, through private lessons in Japan and at the City College of New York.

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      Mainly about song analysis.

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      About music theory, mainly jazz but also a little bit basic classical music thoery.

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      His private review of a jazz record.

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      His private article about a jazz musician.

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      His favorite jazz quote.

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      His favorite useful music web site links.

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      Something else which is useful to study, learn and practice music.

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