How to read an analysis chart


In my analytic chart, there are some of my own diagramless way.

Sample Analysis Chart
Sample Analysis Chart
  1. II → V
  2. V →I
  3. Optional change (Chord) or substitute change
  4. II → V substitution
  5. V → I substitution
  6. Modulation: “-” means minor key. If there is an arrow, it means scope of a modulation.
  7. Subdominant minor: I put this mark to distinguish subdominant minor funtion.
  8. Section repesat: I use this notation to express a section repeat and the number means the number of bars, because sometimes the last 4 or 8 bars are different from the previous same section, then I put the different change with this notation.
  9. Deceptive cadence
  10. Key(s) which are played often